Is ariens tractor a good brand

Are Ariens any good?

Ariens EDGE

This brand new zero turn lawn mower is one of the best values in zero turn lawn mowers. It’s build quality, like any Ariens, is designed to last for generations.

Who makes Ariens lawn tractor?

Ariens Company, stylized as AriensCo, is an American equipment company based in Wisconsin which has a long history manufacturing snow blowers, lawn tractors, and zero-turn lawn mowers for commercial and high-end consumer markets.

Is Husqvarna better than Ariens?

Also, when owners reviewed their Ariens, I noticed nobody mentioned its reliability in terms of years. Husqvarna runs away, in this category, with a clear win due to its reliable Briggs and Stratton engine. With proper maintenance, these zero-turn mowers last for many years or many thousands of hours.

Are Husqvarna and Ariens the same?

Husqvarna was once a subdivision of AYP, but Husqvarna snowblowers are now made by Husqvarna. and yes, some Ariens tractors where made by Husqvarna, which is probably where that dealer got confused about an Ariens/Husqvarna relationship.. But no Husqvarna snowblowers have ever been made by Ariens.

Who is Ariens owned by?

The company began as an iron works, made farm equipment in the 1930s, and began serving a consumer market in the 1950s. Ariens is still owned and managed by members of the Ariens family.

Is Ariens American made?

Ariens® Company – US Made in America Products ; Company Listing Directory.

Is Ariens going out of business?

The business will continue to operate as usual, and all employees will retain positions, until that time. “The difficult decision to divest of these brands is to ensure we focus our resources on the tremendous growing demand for Ariens and Gravely brands of lawn and snow equipment.

Is Ariens a good mower?

Almost like the name ‘Porsche’, A name says it all, Ariens has been around a long time, making quality snow blowers, zero turn mowers, and other fine products. This is considered a residential grade mower, but the way it is built, the sturdyness, and the Kawasaki engine, speaks of close to commercial grade quality.

Is Toro better than Ariens?

The Ariens Crossover 20 cuts 20 inches wide and has an intake height of 19-inches. Its discharge can reach a distance of up to 35 ft. The clear winner of this comparison is the Toro snowblower. It clears more snow at a time and can throw it further away.

What brands do Ariens?

About Ariens Company

The company’s premium international equipment brands include Ariens Sno-Thro® and Ariens lawn and garden products for consumers; Countax® and Westwood® lawn tractors; and Gravely® and Parker® commercial equipment for the landscape management, facilities maintenance and sports field sectors.

Are Home Depot Ariens the same?

It has been well confirmed that there is NO difference between the Home Depot models and the dealer models. If the model number is the same, the machine is the same. There are no “cheapened” Ariens models made specifically for the Big-Box market.

What does SHO stand for on a Ariens snowblower?

SHO stands for Super High Ouput, this means that there is an improved throwing distance and output, and faster impeller speeds to help you move snow quickly! This blower features a powerful engine and a large cast iron gear case to keep your blower running with top power.

What is the difference between Ariens and Gravely?

Gravely zero turn mowers tend to be more heavyweight because of all the extra features they include to keep up with the industry standards. In contrast, the ones from Ariens are much more lightweight and easier to move around. So you can pick either based on your preferences.

Does Ariens make a garden tractor?

?A large, premium-grade garden tractor. The A25-50HE has a host of features and a commercial-grade, heavy-duty chassis. 127cm (50″) IBS cutter deck. Optional 390 litre Powered Grass Collector.

What engine does Husqvarna use?

This 46-inch Husqvarna lawn tractor comes with a 2-cylinder Kawasaki engine with an automatic drive system and electric PTO. It includes a comfortable high-back seat and a washout port. It also has quick-change cutting blades that require no tools.

How long has Ariens been in business?

We started in 1933 with four employees in Brillion, Wisconsin. We now employ over 1,500 people across the United States, United Kingdom and Norway. And through it all, the Ariens family has been at the helm.

Where is Ariens manufactured?

Designed and manufactured in Brillion, Wisconsin and Oxford in the United Kingdom, Ariens outdoor power equipment has been serving commercial operators and homeowners for over 80 years.

When did Ariens stop using Briggs and Stratton engine?

80% of Ariens machines were powered by Tecumseh engines between 1960 and 2009. The majority of these engines were used by Briggs & Stratton and other manufacturers.It took Tecumseh until December 2008 to phase out production, and its 2009 model year was its last year to receive engines from the company.

Who owns Cubcadet?

How do I contact Ariens?

Contact our Customer Service Team at 1-877-291-7294 with additional questions about part returns.

Is Ariens SHO worth?

Conclusion. All in all, the Ariens Deluxe 28 SHO promises powerful cleaning action and makes snow removal easy. Overall, there are fewer parts to handle, shifting is more robust, and the machine is overall easier to service, making it ideal for the winter months.

Is Ariens a public company?

Ariens is private and family-owned, and doesn’t publish financial data.

Where are Husqvarna mowers made?

As a result, all Husqvarna lawn mowers offered for sale in the US today are produced in the company’s sprawling Consumer Outdoor Products manufacturing facility in Orangeburg, South Carolina.

Is Ariens a commercial mower?

ARIENS Lawn Mowers and Equipment

They’re commonly used by commercial lawn mowing and landscaping operations. Lawn mowers keep grass trimmed, and ride-on mowers cover large areas more quickly than walk-behind mowers.

Is Ariens mowers made by Gravely?

The path to purchase took months, and Ariens Co. purchased Gravely in 1982. For a decade, the two brands manufactured in separate states, but today, both brands are manufactured in Brillion, a town of just over 3,000 people in east-central Wisconsin.

Who makes Ariens XD 52?

IKON XD 52 Kawasaki | IKON XD Series Zero Turn Lawn Mower | Ariens.

How long will an Ariens snowblower last?

Ariens snowblowers are among the least expensive quality machines you can get. Expect this brand to last about 10 years or more. According to, you can help extend the working life of your snowblower and make it easier to use with a little bit of essential once-a-season maintenance.

Who builds Ariens snowblower engines?

Ariens snow blowers are powered by either a Briggs and Stratton Polar Force engine, or Ariens new AX series engines. To add to the ease of using a reliable engine, all Ariens snow blowers come with the easy starting 120V electric start feature.

Are Toros good snowblowers?

After all of our research and testing, we’ve found that the Toro SnowMaster 824 QXE 24-inch snow blower is the best fit for most snow-covered driveways, and without question the fastest snow blower of all the models we looked at.

What weight is Ariens L3?

Ariens L3 Lube 8 Oz.

Are all Ariens snow blowers the same?

For example, Ariens makes 3 different 24″ models… one has a 205cc engine (it’s the compact for $799) one has a 250cc (it’s the Deluxe for $929) and then (the Platinum for $1349) also has the 250cc engine and some other bells and whistles. All 3 of these models are exactly the same no matter where you buy them

How much horsepower does Ariens snowblower have?

Answer: Robert, the Ariens Platinum 24″ (921038) 369cc AX engine has about 13 HP.

How many horsepower is the Ariens deluxe 30?

What engine is on the Ariens deluxe 28?

254cc Ariens AX Engine

Driving the Deluxe 28 (STL28DLE) is a 254cc Ariens AX 4-cycle gas engine. It’s strong enough for most parts of North America. They start up better than most engines on the market and offer features like idle speed control and a dual belt drive.

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