Is appaso a good brand

Who is Appaso?

As a company of specializing in faucet’s producing and design, APPASO aims at providing our customer with more novel bathroom and kitchen equipment endlessly, so as to beautify their home and give them a more comfortable and warm bathing environment.

Where are Arofa faucets made?

It’s made in China, but if you look closely, so are many others, at least the major component parts. Most importantly, it discreetly says “Arofa” as opposed to a known name brand. However, this faucet comes with extra aerators, handle parts and adapters, which most do not.

How do you install a kitchen faucet Appaso?

Is Arofa a good brand?

Arofa kitchen faucets are known for their outstanding quality and customer service. Every Arofa faucet is made of high quality material and is tested rigorously before launching on the market. That makes our products unique and earn great reputation in the market.

How do you install a Appaso bathroom faucet?

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