Is an armstrong flute a good brand

Is Armstrong a good flute?

It is a solid dependable flute. Trying to compare the Armstrong with the Yamahas is difficult because they are somewhat different and each has some advantages. The Armstrong has a Sterling Silver head and body while the Yamaha 382 has a Sterling Silver head but the body is nickel silver.

Which brand of flute is best?

5 Best Professional Flute Reviews and the Best Professional Flute Brands

  • 1) Pearl Quantz Series Flute. What is this? …
  • 2) Gemeinhardt 32B Flute. …
  • 3) Yamaha 677H Professional Flute. …
  • 4) Gemeinhardt Model 3OB Flute. …
  • 5) Lazarro Professional Silver Nickel Flute.

Are Armstrong flutes made of silver?

The Sterling silver headjoint gives players more tonal character and flexibility, and the gold plated lip plate and crown offer additional beauty to the flute. The Sterling silver body gives the flute a warmer, darker sound than traditional silver plating.

Where are Armstrong flutes made?

While most of the major brands have moved their student flute production to Asia, the Armstrong 104 flute is still built in the USA at the Conn-Selmer Woodwind Excellence facility in Elkhart, Indiana.

Is Armstrong Piccolo good?

Armstrong is a renowned manufacturer of musical instrument, and the 307 piccolo didn’t disappoint in terms of performance, quality and durability.

Do flutes hold their value?

You will also get great value for cost and due to their reputation, they hold their value quite well making them good for resale when you upgrade your flute. The best Yamaha’s were made pre-2010 in Japan.

How do you date an Armstrong flute?

Re: Armstrong flute- I want to figure out when it was made? Your flute was made in 1980. That is determined by the “30” prefix to the serial number. From 1974 to present – The prefix number plus 50 will give you the date manufactured.

What is a high quality flute?

Tailored for professional musicians, Altus flutes are worth every penny: offering excellent intonation, carefully tuned harmonics, and balanced registers. Azumi. Designed by Altus founder Shuichi Tanaka himself, Azumi flutes are perfect for serious beginners or aspiring flutists.

How much does a good quality flute cost?

Beginner flutes usually range in cost from $500 to $1000. Intermediate, or step-up flutes usually cost $1,400 to $2,500 and entry level pro flutes (still largely played by advanced students) around $2500 and up.

What is an Armstrong flute made of?

Is nickel or silver better for flute?

Lighter in weight than most other materials, nickel produces a sound that is crisp and bright. Silver – Heavier in weight, silver plated flutes have a darker sound than nickel flutes. It adds a bright shining finish to the flute.

How can you tell if a flute is solid silver?

Hold the headjoint by the crown end. Flick your index finger against the tenon end. If it rings, its plated. If you get a dull thunk, its silver.

Who made Armstrong saxophones?

Member. nigeld said: Armstrong was an independent US instrument maker who merged into what is now the US Conn-Selmer group. From what I have read, some of their saxes in the 80’s were Kielwerth stencils, then later, after the merger, their instruments were made in the Conn factory in Arizona.

What are the different parts of a flute?

The flute has three main parts: the head joint, the body and the foot joint. The rod system works with the keys to make sure the right keys go up or down.

How much is a decent piccolo?

For beginners, the best student piccolo models are typically around the $400 to $600 price range and have good resale value. More expensive ones have more premium features. You can upgrade as you progress.

How much does a professional piccolo cost?

You can easily expect to pay anywhere (on average) from $100 for a basic piccolo to $5,000 or more. The reason for such a large variation is that piccolos intended for beginners are going to cost less than a piccolo intended for a professional musician.

Are Selmer piccolos good?

Featuring a rich, sonorous tone with added stability and reliability due to its seasoned Grenadilla headjoint and body, the SPC711 Selmer Piccolo is an excellent option for both aspiring and professional musicians.

Where is the serial number located on an Artley flute?

Serial number is 2081, which is located on the head and middle section. No other numbers appear on the flute in any of the sections.

Where is serial number on flute?

Flute serial numbers can be found on the back of the body, or middle joint. They are commonly placed near the foot joint receiver, or near the top of the body, either on the barrel or near the highest key.

Where are serial numbers on clarinets?

Check the serial number, located with a tiny stamp on the back of your clarinet’s barrel or on the case. If your number is higher than 50,000, more than likely it is an R13.

Which flute do professionals play?

The Yamaha 677H is our Editor’s Pick for best all-around professional flute. It delivers deep, robust tones and is a great choice for someone looking to move on from an intermediate flute. The open key design allows for more control and Straubinger Phoenix Pads provide a better seal for faster response.

What type of flute does Ian Anderson use?


For a while I switched to 600 series flutes by Pearl, a Japanese company, and then more recently in the early nineties to Sankyo Silversonics and the US-made 2100 and 3100 Powell flutes. I use the Powells for recording and take a Sankyo and a Powell on tour.

How do you know if a flute is good?

Check the flute instrument for any major dents or scratches. Scratches and dents can affect the quality of music while playing. The pads are usually spongy and meant to cover the holes present in a flute. The pads should not be torn or dirty as it can affect the sound quality of the instrument.

What’s the hardest musical instrument to play?

The 7 hardest instruments to learn, play, and master

  1. Oboe. Even if you don’t think you know what an oboe sounds like, you’ve heard it more than you realize. …
  2. Violin. …
  3. French horn. …
  4. Piano. …
  5. Hammond organ. …
  6. Drums. …
  7. Accordion. …
  8. 3 reasons learning ukulele is hard (or easy) + FAQ.

Is flute the hardest instrument?

Flute. Though the oboe is arguably the hardest instrument in the woodwind family to play, learning to play flute can also be fairly difficult. Getting into the correct position to play can place physical strain on beginner players.

Who is the best flute player in the world?

#1 – Sir James Galway

James Galway is an Irish flutist known for his ability to bridge together and blend classical, folk, and other musical traditions together. He is also known for his showmanship as he boots a golden flute and huge stage presence.

How much do Armstrong flutes cost?–armstrong-800bof-intermediate-flute

How do you clean a flute?

Gently push to cleaner inside the body of the flute, whilst twisting slowly. Do not attempt to reach all of the way through the flute from one end. Aim for the middle and then turn the flute around and do the same again. It is important to clean every part of the flute, including the footjoint.

What is the difference between an open hole flute and a closed one?

Basically, an open hole flute literally has holes in five of the keys, just like a Polo mint but a closed hole flute, you have probably already worked out, has full keywork. So, the question is why are there two options? As a beginner or intermediate player, a closed hole flute is preferable.

What should I look for when buying a flute?

A good quality beginner flute should be easy to play, lightweight, and be able to withstand knocks and bumps. On the other hand, step-up flutes, professional flutes and so on, have been designed for players who can already play the flute to an extent.

When should I buy a new flute?

High School and beyond, they may be ready for a new flute two or three years after beginning, sometimes sooner. If they enjoy the flute in a more casual way, perhaps as a social outlet, and practice sporadically they may not need a step-up flute till around the 8th, 9th or 10th grade.

How do I choose a new flute?

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