Is alphasonik a good brand

Is Alphasonik a good speaker?

4.0 out of 5 starsExcellent speakers, just check your clearance firts…. These ate excellent speakers for the price. Great bang for your buck if you are looking to upgrade your current speakers, but not anything else like your head unit or installing an amp for more power.

Are Alphasonik subwoofers good?

Alphasonik has designed an incredible subwoofer unit at an even better price point! Not only does this package save space, but the enclosure is extremely sturdy, and there is absolutely no compromise in sound quality. Very deep, rich, accurate bass. You won’t go wrong with this unit!

Does Pioneer make Alphasonik?

PIONEER Alphasonik AS8DF 8 inch 600 Watts 4-Ohm Down Fire Shallow Mount Flat Enclosed Sub woofer for Tight Spaces in Cars and Trucks, Slim Thin Loaded Subwoofer Air Tight Sealed Bass Enclosure.

What happened to Alphasonik?

The company was later suspended for failing to meet tax requirements, according to California’s Secretary of State. Audiobahn filed for bankruptcy in 2017. Another audio equipment company linked to Mr Abo Abdo, Alphasonik, was dissolved in 2009 but was operating again by 2015.

How do I pair my Alphasonik Bluetooth speaker?

Use the 3.5mm audio cable to connect the speaker to a external device. The speaker will automatically switch to AUX IN mode. To exit AUX IN mode, press the M (10) button and enter bluetooth mode. Insert a Micro SD card (up to 32GB) into the input on the rear of the speaker, in order to play MP3 music.

Who made audiobahn?

Audiobahn reportedly entered the car audio market in 1997, founded by its president Nasser Abo Abdo, and quickly became a trendy car brand which did as much as $50 million annually by early in the decade, said industry members.

When did audiobahn go out of business?

Abdo, 52, was President of Audiobahn International Group, which launched in 1997. The company filed for bankruptcy in 2017, said the Herald, for failing to meet tax requirements, according to California’s Secretary of State. Audiobahn was considered a major car audio brand in the late 1990’s, said industry members.

Is Audiobahn a good brand?

So, how good are Audiobahn car speakers? The answer is simply “good.” Audiobahn is by no means top of the line but in general, it offers good quality speakers that don’t disappoint. For the average consumer who just wants an upgrade to factory speakers, Audiobahn is a reasonable choice.

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