Is agnes a good brand

Is Agnes a luxury brand?

Abstract. agnes b is an accessible luxury fashion brand established in 1976 by Agnes Trouble, a French fashion designer. The brand is known for its timeless style and designs.

What is Agnes b known for?

(born Agnès Andrée Marguerite Troublé, 1941) is a French fashion designer known for her self-named brand, which includes fashion and film interests.

Is Agnes B made in France?

made-in-france | agnès b. HK. agnès b. is a brand with strong commitment. Originated in France, we strive to maintain our production in the country and respect to our local experience and know-how.

Where is Agnes B made?

Made in France Women | agnès b.

How do you pronounce brand Agnes B?

Agnès B: Arg-NYAS B.

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