Is aero precision a good brand

Is Aero Precision considered high end?

Aero Precision is occupying a “goldilocks” zone right now. They aren’t the highest quality parts out there, but are easily some of the best cost to quality ratio out there. For basic build purposes Aero parts will do everything a general shooter needs.

Does Aero Precision make quality parts?

AERO Precision has the quality AR-platform parts that DIY rifle builds need.

Are Aero Precision receivers any good?

AERO is a high quality manufacturer that sells for a very low and reasonable price. I have 3 sets of recievers from them and I have no complaints. Can’t see any reason to buy a more expensive forged AR receiver. Aero stuff is top notch, and this upper is no exception.

How good are Aero Precision uppers?

The Aero Precision M4E1 AR-15 upper fulfills many roles from plinking to home-defense and has maintained a spotless reliability record. Accuracy, ergonomics, and finish are also great. It’s more expensive than introductory AR-15s but bang-for-the-buck versus “high-end” manufacturers is stellar.

Who owns Aero Precision?

Aero Precision is owned by a fund managed by Odyssey Investment Partners. It has stocking distribution agreements in place with Honeywell, Collins Aerospace, Parker, Eaton and more. Kellstrom Defense provides support to the US military and customers in more than 60 partnering nations.

Is Aero Precision Made in USA?

Q. Are Aero Precision products Made In America? A. Yes, all products available on our website are Made In America.

Is Aero Precision mil spec?

The Aero Precision Upper is manufactured from the best quality American 7075-T6 aluminum available. This is a quality forged piece that is precision machined under the watchful eye of American craftsmen to Mil-Spec standards.

How long does it take Aero Precision to ship?

It is our goal to ship all orders within 3-5 business days after the order is placed. However, due to seasonal demand and/or market fluctuation, shipping times may vary.

Where is Aero Precision made?

Aero Precision has entered into an agreement to move from Tacoma, WA, to Lakewood, WA, which is north of Seattle. The new location is a 268,000-sq. -ft. facility in Lakewood Industrial Park and when completed the company—which has roughly 800 staff members—will be the city’s largest employer.

What trigger does Aero Precision use?

Geissele Super Semi-Automatic (SSA®) Trigger.

Are Aero Precision handguards any good?

Aero makes very high quality stuff. Have a few of their handguards and they are sturdy very light. Yes, you will have to buy the BAR barrel nut for these, but I feel it’s well worth the extra cost. The Aero Precision AR15 Enhanced M-LOK Handguard is as solid as they come!!!

What does M4E1 mean?

The M4E1 Enhanced Upper Receiver utilizes a once piece mounting system for the handguard that is integrated into the upper receiver forging itself, rather than using the barrel nut as seen with more traditional upper receiver and handguard designs.

Are Aero barrels Ballistic Advantage?

In 2014 Aero Precision purchased a majority share of Ballistic Advantage. The obvious positives for Aero were acquiring a solid barrel manufacturer with a solid reputation to be their primary source for barrels.

Does Ballistic Advantage Make Aero Precision barrels?

As of December 2014, Ballistic Advantage is operating as a majority owned subsidiary of Aero Precision. Adam Wainio will remain as minority, operating owner and we will continue to operate from our facilities and maintain our brand while expanding alongside our new partner, Aero Precision.

Who bought kellstrom?

Aero Precision, a leading military aviation aftermarket distributor based in Livermore, California, announced today it has acquired Kellstrom Defense, a leading aftermarket sustainment solutions provider, headquartered in El Segundo, California.

Is Aero Precision AR15?

AR15 Upper Receivers, Lower Receivers, Parts and more | Aero Precision. Our line of AR15 and M4E1 Stripped Lower Receivers give you many options when selecting the heart of your rifle build. Also check out some of our Special Edition Lower Receivers. AR15 Barrels available in .

Does Aero Precision own stag arms?

In 2016 White Wolf Capitol, a private equity firm established in 2011, acquired the company, adding it to a stable of gun companies that already included Aero Precision, Ballistic Advantage, VG6 Precision and others.

Is Aero Precision BCG full auto?

Yes, it is. All Aero Precision bolt carrier groups are full auto rated.

What’s better mil spec or commercial?

The mil-spec tube threads—produced from 7075 T6 alloys—are rolled into the metal, resulting in taller and stronger threads. Commercial tube threads, on the other hand, are constructed from 6061 T6 billet aluminum and are cut into the metal, producing slightly shorter and weaker threads but at a lower cost.

When was Aero Precision founded?

Like InterConnect Wiring, Aero Precision was founded in 1993. Back then, API focused on solutions that supported three platforms (F-16, F-4, and F-5) in a single country. In 1998, API signed as a distributor for Honeywell Aerospace, its first OEM partner.

Does Aero Precision ship to Massachusetts?

Any orders returned due to legal restrictions are subject to a 10% restocking fee. We currently do not ship this product to the following states: California, Colorado, Connecticut, Hawaii, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York and Washington D.C.

What is anti walk pins?

What is a two stage trigger AR 15?

What are Two-Stage Triggers? Two-stage triggers have an operating process that involves two distinct phases of firing. The advantage of this style of design is that it allows the user to know exactly when the firing will take place. They know that once they set the trigger after the first phase, the gun will fire.

Who makes Aeroguards?

Magpul is a tried and true product line that Aero Precision is now delivering to our customers.

What is Atlas’s one handguard?

The ATLAS S-ONE is the newest addition to the Aero Precision Handguard lineup. Machined from 6061-T6 Aluminum, the S-ONE line of handguards are designed with size and weight in mind, providing the perfect handguard for your lightweight build.

Do Atlas handguards come with barrel nut?

Your ATLAS Handguard will ship with the following: ATLAS Handguard. ATLAS Barrel Nut.

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